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This web site is dedicated to our grand daughter "Samantha" and to other children who "HAVE BEEN", who "WILL" and who "ARE" inflicted with Cancer or Cancer related diseases in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. If one donation, of any type, is given to help fight childhood cancers as a result of this site, then the pages contained herein have met their intended goal.

The majority of the kids on this web site were misdiagnosed by Emergency Room personnel and doctors upon the child's initial and in some cases second and third visits. We as parents, grandparents, family members and friends, MUST, demand the best efforts from the medical staff in our communities. We MUST demand their full attention and we MUST not accept a medical opinion that we feel is not consistent with our child's symptoms. Demand testing for pediatric cancers on the onset. Early detection of cancer will significantly increase our children's chance of survival. [Symptoms of Pediatric Cancers.] To all medical personnel: Please, for our children's sake, please look at pediatric cancers as the probable cause for the symptoms brought to you. ASSUME THE CAUSE IS CANCER, THEN PROVE THAT IT IS NOT! . Test for pediatric cancer immediately and without hesitation. A false test and negative results is better than a misdiagnosis which can, and often does result in the loss of life. Help us save our children. Test for cancer first, then make the diagnosis based on the test results.

About Us

The Miracle Kids Web site was born early one morning while on the 9th floor, ("Pediatric Oncology"), at "Shands" Hospital at the University of Florida.

I was sitting at my grand daughter's bedside. She had had a rough round of chemotherapy. She was sleeping so soundly. I could never understand how she could sleep with all the needles, tubes, and lights that had become her entire life. I was worried that the nurses would come in any minute and wake her to take her vitals and make their notes for the next shift.

My daughter Tonya, Samantha's mom, had gone home to get some things in preparation for the long days and nights she knew was ahead for all of us. My wife was at home, she had taken the day/evening shift while I was working. My shift this night was the "all nighter". We had a schedule made out to make sure Samantha was not left alone for a single minute.

I guess it was about 2:30am. Samantha had been tossing and turning, obviously in discomfort. She had cried out several times but only in short spurts. The cries were enough to bring a man or woman to their knees in tears. As I heard her cry, I stood up, leaned over her bed and gently touched her head and touched her cheek with my fingers. I was absolutely helpless.

I stood there and said "what can I do honey?" "How can I help?", "We need a miracle baby". The answer, as I seem to remember it was immediate. I realized that I was helping her just by being there but I wasn't doing anything for the other kids on that floor. I wasn't doing anything to help the parents and the families although I would see them stand by their child's bed as I was. I had to find a way to help the kids, their parents and their famlies. "The Miracle Kids" web site was the means by which this could be done. With the help of my wife the Miracle Kids Web site has been on line since 1995 and we know it has helped some people in some way to cope.

What is a "Miracle Kid"? Any kid fighting for his or her life. A kid suffering every day with unbelievable pain and discomfort. A kid that smiles and makes us feel better even though they are the ones who are sick. A kid, that even though he or she is engaged in a battle for survival still finds the time and the way to give us a hug, a smile and a kiss. Total, unforgiving love.

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Special Needs and Requests

Refer to this section for any special items parents and loved ones may want to pass on. This is a good place to chck for special prayers, families needing help or just a friend.

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