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"Remember Our Children"

Jonathan Drake Towner (Age 4)

Marcus Julian van Platen (Age 14)

Kristen Marie Kenzip (Age 10)

Jazmin Helene Rose Wren (Age 3)

Courtney Renee Rardon (Age 4)

Onute Wesley Peckham (Age 5)

Tyler Ryan Mackenzie (Age 14) Lindsay Annette Ferneau (Age 6)
Robert Northrop (Age 26) Devon Ray Coon (Age: 1 day)
Madison Elizabeth Jones (Age: 3 years) Emily Ann Phillips (Age: 8 months)
Shad Luke McKell (Age: 5 Years) James Edward Webb (Age: 8 Years)
Emily Hiraki (Age: 3 Years) Alana Kathrine Gentry (Age: 8 months)
Jacob Benjamin Hanood (Age: 7 months) Sebastian Pierre Hicks (Age: 18 months)
Michayla McConnell (Age: 2 years) Aida Abasahl (Age: 17 years)
Kirsten Lin Tully (Age: 4 years) Jonathan Forbus Jr. (Age: 4 years)
Zackery Kull (Age: 10 years) Breanna Hemphill (Age: 2 years)
Jessica Elisabeth Vasquez (Age: 14 years) Mitchell John Fraser (Age: 1 Yr. 10 months)
Christopher Donaghy (7 years) Joseph Jeremiah Steuart (14 years)
Akaida Langemeier (4 years 11 months) Kyle Lee (14 years)
Ashley Kay Ikeler (12 years) Kyle Allen Pratt (11 Years)
Randy Zachary Phillips (2 years) Jason Snyder (23 years)
Deseray Yasmin Bravo (6 years) Rebecca Anna Jean Lockler (9 years)
Jayden Marshall Fairfull (8 years) Luke Alexander Sweet (5 yrs 11 Mos)
Andrew Craig Hooker (4 yrs 1 Mos) Jacob McLeod-Steinmetz (13 yrs 364 Days)
Emerald Isle Maes (10 yrs 11 Mos) Cainan Victor Talo (20 days)
Colton Camburn Lear (4 yrs) Ethan Allan Simas (2 yrs)
Taylor Lee McKinney (10 yrs) Kevin Suberg (11 yrs)
Ashlyn Vargas (12 yrs)


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